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The clinical applications of the Electro-Encephalo-Graph (EEG) are quite diversified.

It is used for monitoring Parkinsonís disease, Alzheimer, stroke, epilepsy, syncope, migraine, sleep investigations, psychogenic seizures, transient ischemia of the brain and drug efficacy.

It is an essential tool for monitoring brain activity during anesthesia in operating theatres, monitoring brain activity in intensive care units and cardiac care units.

The worldwide market for Patient Monitoring will grow nearly 6% per year through 2011. US demand is forecast to rise 5.9 percent yearly to $12 billion in 2012.

Advances in wireless and sensor technologies will boost growth by leading to the introduction of new equipment and accessories with enhanced performance capabilities.

The market for self monitoring activities will also expand†as chronic care patients focus greater attention on preventive care. Remote, home use monitor devices hold best prospects.

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