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The Neuritor is FDA approved and it is one of the most advanced computerized neuro-brain monitors for the acquisition and analysis of multi - channel  EEG  signals in real - time.

It is a miniaturized, solid state, sixteen channel  EEG  and two channel (optional) electro-cardiograph (ECG) device incorporating advanced computer technology to detect, analyze and record multiple EEG  and ECG  signals in real - time.

The Neuritor is designed to produce standard EEG and ECG readouts on a printer as well as to operate as a paperless EEG  and  ECG  when connected to a compatible personal computer.

It may be used for routine EEG examinations and for monitoring during surgery or intensive care, as well as situations which require a machine to be brought to the patient. The built - in software package permits database patient management, and also real - time read - out and off - line processing and signal analysis.

When used for real - time readings, it may either be attached to a printer or configured to store data for 30 minutes for a later read -out. The device is portable, compact and lightweight.  

Because the Neuritor's software automates the analysis of the data and presents it in the form of summarized reports, the technician operating the machine does not have to be skilled in EEG analysis.

A short movie presentation of the Neuritor is given below:
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"...the Neuritor monitor is, therefore theoretically suitable for use during surgery, in intensive care and cardiac units, and for sleep studies as well as in evaluation of drug efficacy..."

   M.Y. Neufeld M.D.                         Amos D. Korczyn, M.D., M.Sc.
   Physician in Charge                     Professor and Chairman
   EEG Laboratory                           Department of Neurology

"...I feel that there is a great need for the Neuritor, which is capable of monitoring multichannel EEG signals in real-time. It will be a real breakthrough in our understanding of brain activity in different life situations..."

   Jehudit Manelis, M.D.
   Neurologist - Epileptologist

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